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Hello Friends & Neighbors!

I'm launching my campaign for City Commissioner with a clear message: I am not part of the Winter Garden elite, nor do I have ties to developers. As a successful business leader experienced in tough negotiations, I stand ready to be a steadfast advocate for our community. Unlike other candidates in the District Two race, I come forward with concrete plans to address the needs of our city and its residents!

My Commitment to Winter Garden

Support for Working Families: I am the only candidate presenting a plan for affordable child care options, recognizing the importance of supporting working parents.

I aim to optimize our city worker-to-resident ratio, enhancing our vibrant events and the everyday services that make our community special. My goal is to develop a new Winter Garden Events department to manage our city’s amazing events while enabling the Parks and Recreation team to expand offerings that impact working families and our children. 

Recognizing many families' financial pressures, I’m committed to expanding affordable childcare options. Utilizing our beautiful parks and spaces, we can offer enriching and safe environments for our children, easing the burden on working parents. Most of the Winter Garden residents spend approximately 40% of their income on housing. Additionally, families continue to face financial headwinds from inflation in nearly every household category. Understanding this, I believe we have an obligation to help working families where we can, and safe and affordable child care will both meet that need and generate the break-even revenue to cover the cost of these programs. 

Dedicated to Small Business Success: My strategy to empower small businesses is unmatched, highlighting their crucial role in our economy.

I fully believe that small businesses are the heart of our city. That is why I'm also proposing a new fund to help kickstart small businesses. With an allocation of two million dollars annually, we will offer new business start-up loans to turn dreams into realities, fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit right here in Winter Garden.

Preparing Our Youth: I stand alone in offering a plan to equip our soon-to-be adults with essential life skills, ensuring they thrive in the future. 

The Winter Garden Young Leaders Academy is a dream project of mine, designed to equip our youth with essential life skills—from public speaking and financial literacy to entrepreneurship. 25% of this city is under the age of 18, and therefore, we have to invest in their development to ensure we are well-equipping them to lead this community in the next generation!  Investing in our young minds is investing in our city’s future.

Sustainable and Inclusive Development: My vision to guide our city’s growth prioritizes the well-being and quality of life of our residents, ensuring development that respects community sustainability.

 I envision a city where local businesses and new enterprises coexist harmoniously, contributing positively to our community's charm and economic vitality. I’ll advocate for fair practices that ensure everyone has the opportunity to thrive. I will encourage responsible growth with thorough traffic and environmental impact studies, and we will ensure that the companies who line their pockets off the backs of our hard-working residents are also paying to improve the traffic and environmental issues their places of business cause. 

My campaign is fueled by a deep love for Winter Garden, a place that is more than a dot on the map—it's our home, a community with a shared story. Located in the heart of our beautiful state, Winter Garden embodies the perfect blend of tradition and progress, from the historic allure of downtown to the innovative spirit of our people.

As a candidate, I bring a passion for effective governance, a history of active community engagement, and a vision that aligns with the aspirations of our diverse and dynamic population. Together, we can enhance the exceptional qualities of our city while seizing the opportunities ahead.

This journey is about more than just policies; it's about amplifying your voices. Your experiences, concerns, and dreams are vital to shaping a city that continues to be a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family.

By choosing me on March 19th, you're selecting a representative committed to showing up for you every day, dedicated to fostering an even brighter future for Winter Garden.

Explore this site to discover more about my vision, the issues close to your heart, and how we can collaboratively craft a future that reflects our shared values. Let's embark on this journey together, writing the next chapter of Winter Garden's story—one marked by unity, progress, and prosperity for all.

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