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Dear Friends and neighbors,

I am thrilled to present my comprehensive campaign platform for the upcoming 2024 City Commission election, aimed at making Winter Garden an even more incredible place to live, work, and thrive. My platform is committed to responsible financial management, ensuring that my proposed initiatives will not burden our hardworking residents with increased taxes. Winter Garden boasts a robust reserve balance, and I believe we can leverage these financial resources strategically to enhance our community.

Below are the key components of my platform:

Improving City Worker-to-Resident Ratio:

Address the current imbalance in the City Worker-to-Resident Ratio (372 to 1) by proposing the creation of a dedicated Event Planning and Execution Department within the Parks and Recreation Department. This department will ensure efficient management of the city's numerous festivals and events, allowing for the expansion of other community offerings.

In addition to my proposed plan to add a dedicated Event Planning and Execution department, I will also work closely with the City Manager and City Department Leaders to ensure that the city is adequately staffed to ensure the safety and functioning government our residents deserve.

Investing in Youth Leadership and Life Skills:

I will establish The Winter Garden Young Leaders Academy, a program hosted through the City, offering monthly and summer programs focused on essential leadership skills such as resume building, public speaking, personal financial acumen, effective government, and civic responsibility to empower our middle and high school students.

Enabling the growth of Winter Garden's Summer Camp Offering:

Work with the City's Parks and Recreation Department to expand Summer Camp offerings, ensuring affordable summer programming for all Winter Garden residents.

Supporting Local Businesses and Downtown:

Under my comprehensive plan for the City of Winter Garden, I am committed to ensuring that the expansion of large corporations within our community is carried out responsibly and with the utmost consideration for our city's unique character and traffic management. To achieve this, a crucial component of my strategy is to mandate thorough traffic studies as part of the approval process for any major business seeking to establish itself here. Furthermore, businesses wishing to open in our city must implement net-positive traffic improvements to mitigate any potential congestion issues. My vision is to prioritize the growth and development of local businesses by offering tax breaks and incentives to residents who wish to start or expand their ventures within our city. This approach fosters entrepreneurship and safeguards our downtown historic business district from undue intrusion by large corporations. By striking this balance, we can maintain the charm and identity of Winter Garden while promoting sustainable economic growth.


Supporting Small Businesses:

I plan to introduce legislation to allocate two million dollars annually from the city's discretionary spending for small business startup loans, with a cap of two hundred thousand dollars per applicant. This financial support will empower Winter Garden residents to pursue their dreams of small business ownership. It will allow our community to offset growth concerns associated with limiting big business intrusion.

These platform strategies prioritize the improvement of Winter Garden's community services, the development of youth leadership, the enhancement of summer programs, the support of local businesses, and the promotion of small business entrepreneurship. These initiatives aim to make Winter Garden an even better place to live, work, and thrive without increasing the tax burden on residents. Your support for these initiatives will contribute to building a more vital and more vibrant Winter Garden for everyone. Thank you for your trust, and let's work together to achieve these goals for our beloved community.


Committee to Elect Danny Culberson
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