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Hi Neighbors!

As the 2024 City Commission elections draw near, I'm thrilled to share a vision that not only aims to enhance the vibrant community of Winter Garden but also does so without placing additional financial burdens on our residents. Thanks to our city's robust financial health, we have a unique opportunity to launch initiatives that significantly improve our collective quality of life.

Here's what I propose:

- **City Services Enhancement:** To better manage our city's events and services, and address the current City Worker-to-Resident Ratio of 372 to 1, I plan to establish an Event Planning and Execution Department within our Parks and Recreation framework.

- **Youth Empowerment:** The formation of The Winter Garden Young Leaders Academy is key to my platform, designed to provide our youth with essential leadership skills and prepare them to be our future leaders.

- **Summer Program Expansion:** I'm committed to broadening the range of summer and day camp programs available through the Parks and Recreation Department, ensuring they are accessible and affordable for all our families.

- **Local Business Support:** My approach includes carefully managing the growth of large corporations while fostering local entrepreneurship to maintain the unique charm of our downtown and stimulate economic vitality.

- **Small Business Development:** To support the growth of local enterprises, I propose setting aside $2 million annually for small business startup loans, encouraging entrepreneurship and balancing the impact of larger corporate entities.

I make you this promise: if you show up for me on March 19th, I pledge to show up for you, your families, and your businesses every single day for the next four years! A vote for Danny "DJ" Culberson is a vote for dedicated, community-focused leadership and the continued prosperity of Winter Garden.

Together, we can create an even brighter future for our city.

Thank you for your support and trust.

Danny "DJ" Culberson 

Committee to Elect Danny Culberson
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